Flyer Fitness

Flyer Fitness is a program designed to help flyers build the proper technique, strength and flexibility needed to fly any cheerleading stunt. Instead of putting athletes onto humans to learn how to fly, we utilize various flying apparatuses and drills. Allowing the athletes to build up confidence and body awareness on the ground, making the transition to stunting safer for all athletes!

Whether you are a College, High School, Competitive Team athlete, or have never flown before. Leveraging drills and equipment, this class will help flyers at all levels gain the necessary foundations in a safe and controlled environment.

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New Member Special!
First month of one tumbling class for $25!

RegisterFlyer Fitness- New Member SpecialMon4:30pm-5:25pm25.00

Cheer class tuition is for one class a week.
*Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Normal tuition of $50 a month and discounts (if applicable) would begin the following month.