Cartwheels to Walkovers

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This class focuses on shoulder and back flexibility, inversion, and power.

Pre-requisites for this class are: handstands, back bend, forward and backward roll

Skills are broken down in to three types:
Standing: A tumbling skill performed from a standing position without any previous forward momentum.
Running: Tumbling that involves a forward step or a hurdle used to gain momentum as an entry to a tumbling skill.
Combination Skills (Pass) : Multiple(3+) tumbling skills performed in a single sequence.

Athletes will become Drill Masters to obtain the following skills:

  • Back Extension Roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Back Bend Kick-over
  • Front Limber
  • Back Walk Over
  • Front Walk Over
  • Power Hurdle
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-off
  • Front Walk Over
  • Cartwheel to Back Walk Over
  • Front Walk Over to Cartwheel or Round-off
Combination Skills (Pass):
  • Cartwheel 1/2 Turn to Front Walk Over to Forward Roll
  • Front Walk Over to Front Walk Over to Cartwheel to Back Walk Over
  • Cartwheel Back Extension Roll to Back Walk Over