Why MPG?


Montana Performance Gym Cheer and Tumbling exists to help any athlete who has work ethic and desire to achieve the pinnacle of their cheer or tumbling potential. Our Cheer and Tumbling classes are helping build the foundation for competitive, high school, and collegiate cheerleading.

The concept behind Drills before Skills, comes from our owner’s personal observations of the cheer and tumbling industry. Too many coaches and athletes look to achieve the end result and rush through the foundational process. Relying on an athlete’s athleticism and talent while attempting to “huck” skills. “Hucking” a skill is when a athlete forces their body to perform the skills without the proper body mechanics, strength, and mental preparedness needed to safely and accurately execute a skill. “Hucking” does not train the athlete’s body or mind and inhibits the progression of more advanced skills. Both tumbling and cheer skills should be seen as building blocks. One can only master the advanced skills after first mastering the foundational skills. We believe that drills build skills.

Have you ever had that moment where you are watching an athlete perform a skill and have an audible “ahh”, your heart begins to race, and you find yourself scared for that athlete. Those moments are what we at MPG are looking to eliminate. By trusting the process of drills before skills to help athletes become mentally and physically strong enough to execute a skill.


MPG was born from sweating Junior High try-outs, rallyinig on High School sidelines, hitting College pyramids and pounding mats of cheerleading competitions across the Northwest.

We’ve been there.

We’ve done that.

We are ready to help Champions go the extra mile.

Our Core Values