A form-fitting t-shirt/tank top and shorts/leggings/sweatpants. No jewelry allowed (stud earrings are permitted for tumbling classes only), and any removable dental appliance should be taken out. Hair should be pulled back away from the face, and secured with a ponytail, braids or bun prior to every class.

Athletes are not permitted to wear jeans, skirts, dresses, or pants with zippers, buttons, or snaps. Athletes can go barefoot, wear sticky socks or sneakers. The sneakers must be clean from debris, dirt, and mud prior to stepping on the gym floor. Normal socks are not permitted as athletes feet will get sweaty and they inhibit training. All street clothes and belongings can be left in the cubbies provided to the right of the entrance, however we do recommend leaving belongs in vehicles or with a parent. Valuables should be left at home. Montana Performance Gym is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


Montana Performance Gym is committed to offer what is best for each athlete to grow and feel successful! Safety is our top priority; MPG coaches reserve the right to move athletes to classes and levels that best match the athlete’s ability and age. This will provide a safe learning environment as well as an appropriate amount of challenge for each athlete. Each class level has a set list of skills that must be mastered before a coach recommends him/her to move to the next level. If an athlete is especially eager to advance, you have the option to enroll in more than one class per week. Private lessons are also offered to help athletes perfect a certain skill that might be preventing placement in a more advanced class.

Evaluations for next level are done quarterly at our Show offs. Show offs are the opportunity for athletes to bring in their friends and family and show off the skills they have achieved. This is a free event and we encourage all athletes to take advantage of this opportunity.


The following payment policies are acknowledged online at the time of registration.

Montana Performance Gym is a year-round program with a monthly tuition based on an average of four weeks per month. (If there are five weeks in a month, tuition is not increased. If there are three weeks in a month, credit is not given). Tuition is for one class a week, unless otherwise stated on the registration form. Additional offerings of a class may be added and would apply toward the multi-class discount.

An active credit or debit card is required on file to register for MPG’s recreational program. Monthly tuition can be paid by credit/debit card, cash or check. MPG believes in convenience for you and for us, which is why we do not charge you a fee for utilizing your credit/debit card.  Montana Performance Gym offers a convenient auto-pay system which enables families to pay by the credit/debit card on file every month. Montana Performance Gym will bill your credit/debit card on the 25th of each month for the proceeding month’s tuition, thereby ensuring your child’s continued class/team status. If you choose to withdraw, you must notify us in writing 5 days prior to the start of the next month. If you choose not to utilize Montana Performance Gym’s auto-pay system, cash or a check is due on the 25th of each month. If cash or check is not received by the 25th of each month, your credit/debit card on file will be charged. If the credit/debit card you have on file does not process and you have not paid with cash/check by the 1st of the month, you will also be charged a $25 late fee. Account balances not paid by the 15th of the month are subject to the athlete being unenrolled from the class. Before an athlete may re-enroll all past due balances must be brought current. 

REFUNDS: Montana Performance Gym does not offer credits or refunds once payment has been made, except for long term injuries/illnesses verified by a doctor.

Tuition discounts are offered to new members. Upon signing up you will be charged for the 4 week new member special. At the end of the 4 weeks you will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the month, with the following month’s tuition being processed on the 25th of the month.

Montana Performance Gym offers a 10% discount on multiple classes(applied to the additional class(es)) for one athlete and/or for multiple athletes(applied to the tuition of the additional athlete(s)) from one family.

Customer loyalty discount. As a thank you for your patronage to MPG, on the month anniversary of enrollment, families will receive a 5% discount for their first year anniversary. This discount will increase by 1% for each subsequent year they have been apart of MPG.
Example: 3 years with MPG = 7% discount.

When an athlete misses a class, he or she is eligible to do one make-up class per month. The make-up class must be scheduled through JackRabbit. For the safety of all participants, an athlete may not drop in on another class, as it is disruptive to the coach and the athletes.

MPG allows athletes(new & existing) to trial any of our classes. We want to ensure that the athletes feel comfortable with our program and knows the class is a right fit for them. Cards will not be charged until the athlete shows up for their second class, then the standard monthly tuition policy will take effect.
At MPG we believe that we can always learn and grow, and if you choose not to continue with MPG we would love to get feedback about your experience. This would allow us to identify our areas of opportunity and make our programs even better.

Payment is due at the time of registration. If the credit/debit card you have on file does not process, you will have 24 hours to correct the payment issue or your spot will be forfeited.
Summer camps: Payment will be processed 7 days prior to the start of the camp. If the credit/debit card you have on file does not process, you will have 24 hours to correct the payment issue or your spot will be forfeited. In the event the minimum required number of participants is not met for summer camps, the camp may be cancelled. If cancelled, the primary email address will received a notification and the balance owed will be zeroed out.

Payment is due at the time of booking a private lesson. To reschedule a private lesson, you must notify us via email within 24 hours of your lesson. Failure to provide notice within 24 hours will result in the private lesson be considered completed, and a reschedule will not be permitted. Failure to show up for your scheduled private lesson will result in the lesson being completed, and not be permitted a reschedule. Refunds are only issued for injury that prohibits the athlete from partaking in their lesson, The injury must be verified with a doctors note.


In order to ensure athletes are warmed up properly, please arrive on time to your scheduled recreation class. Athletes should not arrive more than 10 minutes before class and must be supervised by an accompanying adult until class begins. We recommend waiting in your vehicle until a few minutes before your class time, this helps alleviate congestion in the viewing/waiting area. If an athlete needs to change clothes, they may use the bathroom located at the back of the facility, we ask that they are quiet as the cross the facility. When you arrive anticipate lots of other athletes, lots of noise, and lots of parents; it takes several minutes for a youngster to absorb it all! Children who are younger than five years of age must have a parent on site/in the lobby at all times. Classes start on time because the instructor needs all the time available to complete lesson plans. Montana Performance Gym takes every precaution to ensure the safety of athletes. Therefore, we ask parents/guardians to be as diligent as possible to ensure athletes are picked up on time. Athletes waiting to be picked up must remain inside the building until a parent/guardian arrives. We understand there are times that circumstances beyond control will cause you to run a few minutes late.

No one is allowed in the training area before class without an instructor. When class is over, athletes must leave the training area. The instructor will need to start the next class and cannot be held responsible to supervise. Adults are permitted to stay and watch the class in the designated waiting area. We do ask that you are silent observers of the class. You should not interact, distract, or shout at any athlete or coach. We also ask that you keep the noise level as low as possible, for the safety of those in class. Individuals disturbing classes will be asked to leave. Montana Performance Gym reserves the right to ban repeated offenders from entering the facility. No photography or videotaping is allowed unless it is of your own athlete AND prior approval has been received from the coach/instructor.

Gum chewing, food, and drinks (other than water or sports drinks) are prohibited in the training area.

The waiting area should be kept clean. Please throw away all your garbage and clean up any messes made. If a spill occurs, please notify someone on the staff so a mop can be retrieved for cleaning.


Good behavior must be displayed at all times. Athlete’s displaying disorderly or inappropriate conduct on MPG premises, before or during class will be asked to sit out of the class. Montana Performance Gym reserves the right to remove repeated offenders from classes and ban them from entering the facility. In the extreme case that an athlete is shy or frightened, please communicate with his/her coach to find a solution.


There are no make-ups for holidays. There will be a holiday break during winter, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, and the day of, before, and after Thanksgiving. Please check the Montana Performance Gym calendar for additional closed days, not previously stated. There are no make-ups for holidays that Montana Performance Gym is open for such as Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day and President’s Day.

Please check Montana Performance Gym Cheer and Tumbling Facebook pages for cancellations. Montana Performance Gym will follow School District 2’s closings. Make-ups for inclement weather closings will be given at Montana Performance Gym discretion. In the event of inclement weather on a weekend, closures will be at Montana Performance Gym discretion. Families will be notified via email and Facebook of all gym closures.


Montana Performance Gym mainly COMMUNICATES THROUGH EMAIL. If you have any questions or concerns, we are also available via text or phone call: 406-670-9210


Montana Performance Gym must have a Waiver of Liability and Media Release for every athlete who enters the training area. Waivers are acknowledged online at the time of registration and will be updated annually.


Montana Performance Gym happily accepts any child regardless of allergies or medical conditions. We ask that if your child has any sort of special needs, you let us know. There is a separate form for you to fill out explaining how to handle your child’s medical conditions or allergies. You MUST let us know so the instructor knows of the potential issue. If your child is sick/injured and cannot participate in his/her classes, please alert us and provide a note from the doctor stating the sickness/ injury, date of sickness or injury and the doctor’s signature. At that time, your child will be dropped from his/her registered activity and you will be issued a credit or refund (your choice) from the date you present Montana Performance Gym with the doctor’s note. Alternatively, if you wish to have your child continue in his/her current class, he/she will remain enrolled (so the slot can be held) but credits or refunds will not be given for missed classes.

– All cuts and abrasions must be covered with a band-aid and athletic tape.
– The instructor must be notified prior to class of the wound.
– If an athlete has a wound that may reopen with activity, please keep the child home until healed.

Medical Emergency forms are acknowledged online at the time of registration. If an athlete has a medical condition or medication that needs to be administered please complete the Medical Authorization form and return it to Montana Performance Gym.  


Montana Performance Gym strictly abides by all policies and procedures set forth by the Center for SafeSport which can be found at uscenterforsafesport.org. All individuals are encouraged to report suspected violations of the Center’s SafeSport Code. They can be reported directly via their online portal https://safesport.i-sight.com/portal or by phone at 833-587-7233.
All members are required to report suspected SafeSport Code violations related to or accompanying sexual misconduct.

All MPG staff has gone through and received a green light background screening.