Donation- 4 Weeks Free

Available class options are below. Once you have decided which class best suits your athlete click on the register button next to the class. If you are unsure which class fits your athlete give us a call/text at 406-670-9210 to setup a consultation with a coach. If your desired class is not listed below, you can join the waitlist for that class and use your gift certificate when a slot becomes available for your athlete.

This offering is for 4 weeks free of any available class. At the end of the four weeks the card on file will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of that month’s tuition. Normal monthly tuition of $53 for Tiny Tots, $38 for Wiggle Worms, $73 for all other tumbling classes. Tuition will be processed go forward on the 25th of each month. Tuition processed on the 25th is for the following month.

Tumbling Classes:

·  Wiggle Worms: Walking to 3 years old. Our wiggle worms class incorporates intro to tumbling, creative movement, and pre-school prep
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· Tiny Tot Tumbling: Intro to tumbling that is focused on 3-5 years, helping them build motor skills and coordination
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·  Foundations: Intro to tumbling to teach foundation skills like the handstand
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·  Cartwheels to Walkovers: Some of the focus skills are, cartwheel, front & back walkovers. This class is broken down by age.
Register for Cartwheel to Walkovers (5-8 years old)
Register for Cartwheel to Walkovers (9+)

·  Handsprings: Front and Back Handsprings
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·  Tucks & Layouts: Back Tuck, aerial, front punches, and layouts
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