All Star cheerleading is an expensive sport. To help offset those costs MPG will have multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year. These are outlined in the Group Fundraisers section below. Please note that not all fundraisers may be utilized by MPG during the year. We want your fundraising efforts to be as successful as possible while not over inundating individuals by asking for their support. As you encounter fundraisers that you feel would be beneficial for the gym as a whole please let us know, we would love to add it to our lineup of fundraisers.

Parents must provide MPG with written direction for how to apply their fundraising funds. To do this,, subject: Fundraising allocation for Athlete’s full name. Within the body provide information for how to apply the funds. Ex: Please apply $25 Krispy Kreme fundraising funds towards Sara Baier’s CAF (Competition Assessment Fees).

You are also welcome to conduct fundraising activities on your own. Our only ask is that you send us an email notifying us of the details of the fundraiser. This ensures that if we are asked about the event we can speak knowledgably about it. Remember that you are representing Montana Performance Gym and all the coaches, parents, and athletes. Please conduct yourselves in a professional manner.

Lastly please do not share any of the attachments below: flyers, sales sheets, etc… MPG has worked very hard to make connections with these companies and gain their approval to conduct their fundraisers. Should other organizations want to utilize one of the opportunities they will need to work directly with that company to obtain those items.

  • Double Good Popcorn
  • Virtual popup shop. Athlete keeps 50% of what you sell. No fees and no minimums to meet.
  • Double Good handles all the distribution of products.
  • Dates of sales: June 19th-23rd
  • Emailed link to create your profile will be sent out.
  • Sold for $13, with $6.50 from each digital dozen sale going to the athlete
  • Dates of sales July 21st- July 31st
  • Sell for $20 and $10 goes to the athlete
  • Sales begin Aug 11th and go through Sept 15th.
  • 20 books can be taken at one time. Additional books may be taken with a check left to hold the number over 20.
    • EX: Take 30 books, check for $100 to hold the additional 10

Sell for $6 a bath bomb and $3 goes to athlete

Dates of sales October 15-27th. Will be received prior to Christmas.

  • Bow keychains with gym or team logo on them
  • Sell keychain for $10 and $5 goes to the athlete
    • *Minimum of 10 bows per athlete*
  • Dates of sales TBD

Additional Fundraising ideas

  • Garage/yard sale
  • Car wash
  • Superbowl squares
  • March madness brackets
  • Your cost is $24 per set, delivered (includes shipping and tax)
  • You sell the sheets for $40 per set, Your profit is $16 per set
  • Email and tell me how many starter packs you need and where to mail them. 

Sponsor My Season Social Media Sheets

Below you will find social media flyers that you can modify and utilize to help raise funds for your season. Click on the link next to the flyer to be taken to Canva. There you can update the information or add a picture. You will need to download “your” version. Please refrain from saving over the template file.

To modify this flyer click here

To modify this flyer click here

To modify and add a picture click here

To modify this flyer click here

This letter is used to request a business or individual to sponsor your athlete.

Download the letter, fill in your information and provide it to your requested sponsor(s).