Tumbling Classes

At Montana Performance Gym, we believe it’s imperative that each athlete learns the proper drills prior to performing tumbling skills. Tumbling skills require athletes to be physically and mentally ready, before they begin throwing a skill. By building that foundation we ensure that athletes learn the body mechanics, flexibility, and strength to begin safely performing tumbling skills.

Every athletes tumbling journey is different, and our coaches focus on moving at each athlete’s individual pace. We will modify drills as needed to fit each athletes journey. We want each athlete to become a Drill Master and use those drills to obtain the desired skills.

To move to the next level an athlete must show proficiency in all skills taught at their current level. Our coaches will assess the athlete and their skills to make the final determination if they are ready to move to the next level.

We can’t wait to celebrate with athletes as they advance their skills.

Tumbling class tuition is for one class a week. Athlete’s can choose the best day and time slot they would like to join. Additional classes can be added, and would apply towards the multi-class discount. 

Multi student and class discounts are available. 

Click below to find your tumbling class, or give us a call @ 406-670-9210 to schedule a coaches consultation.